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 What to Expect

Expect your child to be nervous about coming to camp.
The idea of camp can be scary – being away from home and your parents, sleeping in a bunk bed, not knowing any one – there are lots of ways kids can talk themselves out of going to camp. The most important thing to remember is that your child will believe what you believe. If you believe they will be in good hands, they will make new friends, they will try new things and they will have a blast-then they will, too. Help ease your child’s nervousness by telling them all about the countless activities they can choose to do, how well-trained our counselors are, how there is a nurse always on-site, how delicious our food is and how this will be the best week of their summer.

Expect not to hear from your child.
There are always those fastidious campers who make sure to write a letter home. There are lots of other campers who are so distracted by all the fun they are having that they simply forget to contact home. If you don’t hear from your child, that probably means they are doing just fine. And if they weren’t, we would contact you ourselves. Not receiving a letter home is a sign that the week is flying by and your child simply forgot to write. You can always maintain at least 1-sided contact with your child by writing them an email through our BunkNotes account. Remember that we do not allow campers the use of their cell phones as we find them distracting to our mission and goals as a camp.

Expect your child to return home exhausted, dirty and as happy as can be.
Days are long and campers spend the majority of them playing outside. It is certain that they will come home with dirty nails, tired eyes and big smiles. These are signs of a successful week of camp. Make sure you plan your laundry cycle accordingly for when they return home.

Expect your child to want to return to camp for another week.
It is not uncommon for campers to beg their parents to let them stay at camp for another week. Again, this is a good thing. You can check in with the camp registrar on the day of pick-up to see if there are open spaces in any of the upcoming weeks. Sometimes it’s a good idea to call the camp office ahead of time to see about space availability should the likely situation arise that your child(ren) wish to return.