Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is an annual appeal for funding to assist in closing the gap in the camp and conference center’s budget. The Barbara C. Harris Camp and Conference Center intentionally keeps fees low to allow for widespread use of our facilities by all. The fees that we do charge do not adequately cover all our expenses. The annual fund assists the BCH Center in being self-supporting. The center does not receive any direct financial support from the diocese.

How are annual contributions used by the BCH Center?

Gifts to the BCH Center Annual Fund are unrestricted and allow the camp and conference center to decide how to best allocate the funds. All annual gifts made to the BCH Center are spent that year (in contrast to gifts to the endowment, which are invested).

The BCH Center has a large endowment. Why does the camp and conference center need my gift?

Endowed gifts are invested, and the payout is used according to the donor’s wishes, often restricted for uses such as scholarships. Unrestricted funds provided by gifts to the Annual Fund are flexible resources that are spent each year at the discretion of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors to address emerging needs and ongoing priorities.

Does my gift really matter?

The number of individuals contributing to the Annual Fund is just as important as the dollars we raise. The total number of individual contributions is a measure of support within our broader community. The more people who make a gift, of any amount, contributes to the BCH Center’s ability to “hold space” for all who visit.


International Church YNG Retreat. Photo: Jonathan Diaz